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IBIS-Connect; the future of eye care

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Connect with patients anywhere, anytime. 

Complete eye exams online with patients including visual acuity and visual fields. All your patients need is access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

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Look out, online refraction is here

We're always finding new ways to offer eye care with our Tele-Optometry solution. You can now offer patients refraction testing online via our IBIS-Connect platform. 

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Online eye exams

Exams on our platform include Visual Acuity, Visual Field, Colour, Amsler, Motility, and Contrast Sensitivity.

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Remote patient monitoring

IBIS-Connect facilitates a number of different types of appointments that support remote monitoring.

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Remote triage

With a questionnaire builder and video technology, triage can be completed easily with our platform.

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