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IbisVision supercharges international growth with
novel Indian healthcare kiosk deal


IbisVision, the groundbreaking Glasgow company whose platform allows opticians to perform remote eye tests with patients in any location, has signed an agreement that allows its technology to be used across India, the world's second-most populous nation, aiming to improve eye health and avoid illnesses that can lead to blindness among its 1.3 billion citizens.

The agreement, with Pulse Active Stations Network, allows for IbisVision’s remote technology to be rolled out in “Smart Health Kiosks” dotted around the country's infrastructure. At present, there are kiosks in 150 locations such as Delhi's Metro network, with Pulse planning to install its kiosks into 10,000 locations within the next three years. The deal will help generate considerable international interest in IbisVision, and is also a precursor to other possible agreements for similar technologies in the US.

Central to IbisVision’s mission is to ensure eye healthcare is made available to those who struggle to gain access to this important aspect of wellbeing. The kiosks are portable and are able to be transported out to more remote areas where healthcare options are limited. IbisVision’s Amsler test technology looks to detect unusual elements in an individual's vision, a significant benefit in a country where 30 million people are blind due to cataracts and another 1.2 million people lose their vision from glaucoma-related complications.

The kiosks themselves measure a number of health factors and provide information on how to maintain wellness. Pulse has found that the Covid 19 pandemic has led to an increased awareness among young working people of the importance of managing their health, and the kiosks provide both affordable and convenient access to health tests for busy commuters across the fast-growing Indian economy.

Commenting on the agreement IbisVision CEO Mark Rogers said: “If you were looking for the ideal place to springboard your international growth, you couldn't choose any better than India, where a rapidly expanding economy and vast population mean there is huge untapped demand for eye care. Pulse’s novel kiosks are the ideal way to deliver our technology to the widest number of individuals, meaning we can start right here and now in preventing loss of sight and maintaining eye health. We are very proud of an agreement and relationship that kickstarts our international expansion, increases our revenues and most importantly, saves people's vision.”

Joginder Tanikella, CEO of Pulse Active Stations Network said, “We are delighted to associate with Ibisvision and work with their innovative solutions to provide preventive eye care services for India in an affordable and accessible manner.”


For more information:
Laura Hillhouse, marketing manager: lhillhouse@ibisvision.co.uk

David Clarke, press contact: david@davidgfclarke.com

About IbisVision:

IbisVision was founded in 2014 by a former eye surgeon Dr Blair Donaldson, an honorary consultant at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and honorary senior lecturer at Aberdeen University. IbisVision’s purpose is to offer a seamless remote optometry solution to build resilience in the provision of eye-care while disrupting the traditional one-instrument, one- test, in-store delivery model. Providing multiple tests on a single cloud-based platform gives universal accessibility with software as a service (SaaS) delivery model dramatically reducing capital expenditure. The IbisVision platform is intended for use by qualified eye-care professionals to whom it will prove invaluable. More info available at: www.ibisvision.co.uk

About Pulse:

The Pulse Active Stations Network is a connected network of IOT-based smart kiosks in 150 locations. Each Pulse Active Station generates a report of over 21 body parameters and risk indicators for 12 lifestyle diseases and is placed in a public area with high footfalls such as malls, hospitals, train stations, and other centers which are convenient for the user.


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