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What do we do?

IbisVision develops innovative eye technology that revolutionizes the customer journey, increases efficiency, and makes eye care more widely accessible.

By using advances in screen technology, we can deliver examinations in real-time that previously needed large expensive equipment, freeing up time, space, and revenue.

Ibis Mockup - Multi Screen Laptop 2
Ibis Mockup - Multi Screen Laptop

The future of optometry; IBIS-CONNECT

With our tele-optometry platform, you can take patients through eye examinations in real-time from the comfort of their own homes via our clinician-led software.

IBIS-Connect is quick and simple; your patient logs in to their online portal and completes a tailored ‘History & Symptoms’ questionnaire before their triage call begins.


We're improving access to eye care for everyone

We believe that everyone should be able to have their eyes tested no matter their location or circumstances.

Early detection is vital with any eye condition. IbisVision supports eye care professionals and their patients to identify changes in vision and monitor eye health. IbisVision has a number of partners in the industry that we work with to improve access to vital eye care services. Get in touch with us to find out more about our partner network.

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